Terms and Conditions

  1. To enrol on a course, students are required to pay a deposit which will be deducted from the total course fee. Upon the confirmation of this enrolment, the applicant is liable to pay the balance of the total fee for the course.
  2. In the event of a student failing to attend the confirmed course or complete the course for any following reasons: personal problems, illness, change of mind, relocation, pregnancy, illness or death in the family, change in personal circumstances, failure to obtain a visa or a loan, no refunds of fees or deposits will be made, no entitlement to a later-date course will be granted, and the student will be liable for the outstanding course fee.
  3. Fees can be paid in full, at the time of enrolment. Fee can also be paid with a deposit and balance, which must be paid no later than seven days prior to the course start date. Failure to do so will forfeit your place on the course.
  4. All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Students who are approved to pay off the course fee by instalment options, agree with the Academy to make all payments by direct debit on present dates. Late or non-payment may result in your removal from the instalment option, and you will be liable for the remainder of your Course fees in 10 working days.
  6. The direct debit must be set up a minimum of 15 working days before the course starting date. Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel the agreed Instalment Option and the full course fee is due before the course starting date instead.
  7. If you do not pay your Course fees in accordance with the agreed payment terms, we reserve the right to withdraw any offer, cancel your accepted place on your Course.
  8. Refunds will be subject to a 8% administration fee.
  9. All students must purchase a kit(s) and towel bundles for practicing purposes unless otherwise specified. Students are required to bring their own kit(s) and towel bundles on the day of training, failure to do so will result in students not being able to attend practice, lessons, be assessed.
  10. Learners are required to bring models in during their course. If this is an issue you must notify the Centre, at least 1 week prior to the course starting. As we may be able to offer assistance in finding you models
  11. Any medical conditions or learning difficulties must be specified by the student prior to the course enrolment in written form.
  12. Full uniform must always be worn. Tunic and smart trousers. No leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans maybe worn. Shoes must be flat / low heeled closed in shoes; boots are not allowed.
  13. Ensure hair is tied up neatly and nails free from polish and other such coverings and are filed down and kept clean and short to avoid injury. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum, a wedding band and small stud earrings. Makeup should be subtle.
  14. If Serena Beauty Academy has to cancel a course date that will be beyond our control, then we will do our best to give you at least 24hr notice and rearrange another course date. We cannot be responsible for any loss of accommodation or travel in the event of cancellation.
  15. Serena Beauty Academy reserves the right to alter venue or course dates but will do its best to give at least 48hr notice.
  16. Payment for and/or attendance at the course, does not guarantee a qualification, diploma, or certificate of achievement. These are gained by successful completion of the course assignments, assessments, and examinations.
  17. Any learners not complying with the Academy rules and regulations, will be asked to leave the course.
  18. Any learners found deliberately damaging any property belonging to the Academy, or any learners found stealing, will be instantly dismissed, with no written or verbal warnings or refund of fees.
  19. Any learners caught using or in possession of or attempting to sell drugs/illegal substances of any kind, or under suspicion of doing so by the Police, in the Academy, will be immediately expelled with no refund of fees.
  20. The Academy reserves the right to terminate the training of learners who fail to comply with the Academy rules and regulations or where the student is found to be academically unsuitable with no refund of fees.
  21. The Academy reserves the right to add to/or amend the syllabus without prior notice and to change the course contents, materials, tutors, training dates/days, venue, and course requirements at any time, without prior notice.
  22. The Academy takes no responsibility for any valuables, possessions, or vehicles whilst training at the Centre.
  23. If you have a complaint about any aspect of training, the Head should be contacted immediately.
  24. Children are not allowed at the training venue.
  25. The Academy reserves the right to decline applicants for valid reasons.
  26. The Academy will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff or other learners at any times.
  27. As part of our service to provide excellent student service, the Academy operates an equal opportunities policy. Students will not experience discrimination on any account.
  28. The Academy will not tolerate any bullying on their courses between students.
  29. All learner and client information are kept in confidential.
  30. At times learners may be photographed for assessment purposes and/or promotional activities. If you wish to not be photographed, please inform your tutor.
  31. Upon payment of a deposit, you have committed to the completion of your chosen qualification with Serena Beauty Academy. It is integral that you adhere to the following to prevent hindering your progression.
  32.   You must attend all scheduled dates (daily register will be taken)
  33.  Attending all scheduled/agreed assessment days with the correct resources, in the correct attire and a suitable models . Failure to attend scheduled/agreed assessment days without medical evidence will result in a fine of £55
  34. It is not the responsibility of the Academy or individual teachers to provide additional teaching hours for students to catch up on education missed due to lateness or absenteeism for whatever reason.
  35. If a student fails a written VTCT theory test the first resit is free and will be a £20 per resit fee thereafter. This is subject to the student potentially having a valid reason as to why they have failed the exam and the academy reserves the right to deem if the conditions as to why the student failed the test are valid. In the event of a failure of a test, it is up to the academy to decide when a test can be accommodated. 
  36. The Classes are from Monday to Thursday 9:30am. to 3:00 pm. Lunch break from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm. Serena Beauty Academy reserves the right to alter these times as it sees appropriate.